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Update Covid-19 April 15th


April 15th 202 update - Covid-19

Dear members, following our meetings on April 14th 2020, the administration council of our soccer association (ASSL) wishes to bring you up to speed with the impact of the Covid-19 situation on our. Club:

    • The announcement made by Soccer Quebec on April 10th one the subject of the cancelation of sports and cultural events up until August 31st 2020 does not apply to amateur sports leagues.
    • Soccer Québec made the announcement on April 15, 2020 that the federated activities were suspended beyond the initially communicated date of May 1, 2020. A new date for resuming activities will be communicated once Soccer Quebec has more information from from the government. At this point, there is still no question of canceling the 2020 summer soccer season.
    • The ARS south-shore communicated on March. 31st 2020 multiple scenarios for resuming of activities  at clubs of the region. All the scenarios for a season starting before July 13th, 2020 are composed of complete calendars. Scenarios starting after this date are composed of reduced calendars.
    • The town of Saint-Lambert made the announcement on April 15th, 2020 that all if its sports installations would be closed until further notice.
    • In order to meet our regular obligations and to set up the next summer season, permanent full-time staff will be maintained until further notice. The part-time employees and contractual employees are temporarily being laid-off. You can contact Olivier Prud’Homme ( or Jean-Pierre Gignac ( by email according to the clubs open hours. 
    • Registration for the summer season remains open on our website ( Payment by credit card is always preferable but the option of payment by check is available for those wishing to wait for the announcement of the resumption date of activities before finalizing their registration.
    • For participants registered for the 2020 summer season and having paid the full registration fee, be advised that the ASSL will take a reservation in the event of cancellation of activities and the need for full reimbursement for a canceled or partial season for a shortened season.


Please consult our web site ( and our Facebook. Page (Association de soccer de Saint-Lambert ASSL) in order know all the updated  information considering the. Evolving situation.



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