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New policies for the security of our members


As part of the soccer reform in Quebec, which gradually takes hold until the summer of 2021, Soccer Canada asks clubs to develop new policies for the protection of young people.


The ASSL has conformed to these demands and has published on its website, under the “policies” tab, 5 new documents which allow to structure the security of our members more precisely. You will find the following documents:


-Code of conduct for the security of the children


-Rules of play


-Procedure to report an inappropriate conduct


-Procedure to report an abuse


-Procedure to report a sexual abuse


Here is the link to have access to the new section on our website and have access to the new documents:


On this same page you will also find two documents resourced from Soccer Canada:


-Security guide


-Code of conduct and ethics


The ASSL takes the security of its members very seriously. If you are witness of a situation requiring a report, please communicate it to our responsible of the protection of our members, Mister Tim Daus at the following email: 

Each complaint will be treated in an independent and confidential manner.

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