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Did you know? According to your family situation you could be admissible for a subvention from “la Fondation Bon depart de Canadian Tire”. For more details click here.

Since 2012the ASSL offers a financial help program for new comers and low income households from the Saint-Lambert community in order to facilitate the accessibility to play soccer


 Financial help amount

    • Registration fees fixed by the ASSL (According to the level of the child)

This excludes :

    • Personal equipment (shoes, shin guards, etc)
    • Optional equipment on the ASSL forms (Undershirts, bag, etc)
    • Tournament fees or other team activities
    • Other fees (transportation fees)
    • Fees to pay for each activity by the parents to the ASSL expected during registration (if the parent does not pay the fees, the child is not considered as registered)
    • Yearly limit per child : Limit of $600 (this maximum was set in 2016)

Verification and criteria for eligibility 

The program essentially has 3 criteria of eligibility 

  • Territory: The child live within the territory of Saint-Lambert
  • ASSL registration forms are verified to make sur at least one of the parents resides at an address within the territory of Saint-Lambert
  • Age: ASSL program for children (18 and under)
  • Registration file verified: Players category, U18 and under
  • Financial: Family income below the minimum income threshold according to Revenue Canada
  • Certification of the parent that they meet the minimum income threshold criteria according to Revenue Canada household of 4 people (2019 criteria): $ 47,100 (3 people: $ 38,800; 5 people: $ 53,400).
  • Validation that it is in fact their first demand
  • For other demands (requirement since 2016)
  • Request a copy of the last Notice of Assessment (Revenue Canada) from both parents
  • Verify that the net revenue declared is less than minimum income threshold

If you wish making a financial demande, fill up the form by clicking the link bellow and it to to start the registration procedure.

Demand form for financial help


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