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2020-05-06 - News

April 15th 202 update - Covid-19 Dear members, following our meetings on April 14th 2020, the administration council of our soccer association (ASSL) wishes to bring you up to speed with the impact of the Covid-19 situation on our. Club: The announcement made by Soccer Quebec on April 10th one the subject of the cancelation of sports and cultural events up until August 31st 2020 does not apply to amateur sports leagues. Soccer Québec made the announcement on April 15, 2020 that the federated activities were suspended beyond the initially communicated date of May 1...

2020-05-06 - News

As part of the soccer reform in Quebec, which gradually takes hold until the summer of 2021, Soccer Canada asks clubs to develop new policies for the protection of young people.   The ASSL has conformed to these demands and has publi...

2020-05-06 - News

Dear members,   The ASSL direction wishes to transmit to you an update one the impact of the current pandemic, Cvid-19, on our current activities and the planning fo the summer season which is set to start in mid-April.   ...

2020-05-06 - News

Details of the first activities of the recognition and development centre ASSL are now known! Register starting today by using the following link:…/academie---imp…/api/Program/Detail… Please not...

2020-05-06 - News

Visit the registration tab for all the details   ...

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